11 Oct 2014

Java projects Title & Abstract

Systemproposal and CRS model design applying personal Information protection for BIGDATA analysis

Discovering Emerging Topics in Social Streams via Link-Anomaly Detection


                Detection of emerging topics is now receiving renewed interest motivated by the rapid growth of social networks. Conventional-term-frequency-based approaches may not be appropriate in this context, because the information exchanged in social network posts include not only text but also images, URLs, and videos. We focus on emergence of topics signaled by social aspects of theses networks. Specifically, we focus on mentions of users—links between users that are generated dynamically (intentionally or unintentionally) through replies, mentions, and retweets. We propose a probability model of the mentioning behavior of a social network user, and propose to detect the emergence of a new topic from the anomalies measured through the model. Aggregating anomaly scores from hundreds of users, we show that we can detect emerging topics only based on the reply/mention relationships in social-network posts. We demonstrate our technique in several real data sets we gathered from Twitter. The experiments show that the proposed mention-anomaly-based approaches can detect new topics at least as early as text-anomaly-based approaches, and in some cases much earlier when the topic is poorly identified by the textual contents in posts.
 1.    Goal of Project:

The main aim of this paper is
Ø  Our goal is to detect emerging topics as early as the keyword-based methods

Ø  Our goal is to evaluate whether the proposed approach can detect the emergence of the topics recognized and collected by people.

2. Analysis on Existing Networks:

our basic assumption is that a new (emerging) topic is something people feel like discussing, commenting, or forwarding the information further to their friends. Conventional approaches for topic detection have mainly been concerned with the frequencies of (textual) words

3.Idea on proposed System:

we propose a probability model that can capture the normal mentioning behavior of a user, which consists of both the number of mentions per post and the frequency of users occurring in the mentions. Then this model is used to measure the anomaly of future user behavior. Using the proposed probability model, we can quantitatively measure the novelty or possible impact of a post reflected in the mentioning behavior of the user.

Project Screen shot


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