3 Dec 2014

RF Based Wireless Material Handling Robot

In industries, manufacturing units’ etc, in which there is no continuity between the conveyor belts our prototype our robot can be used to make the necessary transfer of goods form one place to another using computer as a remote termainal. For a set of conveyor belts we use only one set of azimuth and elevation co-ordinates. If the goods are placed on the conveyor belt at regular intervals judged by the time required for the arm to make the placement on the second conveyor regular transfer can be achieved. Again the operation is quite simple. We provide the two co-ordinates of the conveyor belt from which the goods have to be transferred. At this time the arm picks up the material from the first conveyor and places it in the second conveyor belt onto which the material has to be placed. This enables the arm to make the placement. Thus continuous transfer of goods between two distant conveyors are achieved.

PIC Microcontroller Board
Optocoupler With Stepper Driver Board
Stepper Power Supply Board.
Mechanical Model
Artificial Intelligence
RF  Wireless TX Module
RF  Wireless RX Module

PIC Microcontroller Board
            This is the board which contains PIC Microcontroller Chip as well as the clock Circuitary, Reset Circuit and Power Supply for the MicroController.

OptoCoupler With Stepper Driver Board.
            The need of Optocoupler is  to isolate the Microcontroller Board form the Stepper Motor to restrict any high voltage to the Microcontroller board.  And this board also contains stepper Driver circuit to amplify the Voltge and to withstand high current because the pulse coming out from the Microcontroller is not tough enough to drive the Motor.

Stepper Power Supply.
            This board contains the power Supply for the stepper motor and relay driver.

Mechanical Model

The mechanical model is built in such a way that the robotic arm holds and an object picks it up and places it in another place.

Artificial Inelligence

            Our robot has some human brain such that it stops whenever it finds an object in front of it, gives an alarm.
Rf Tx and RX Module:
            This module is used to transfer the commands in wireless. The Operatinmg Freq is 433.92 Mhz.

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